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Thursday, 28 December 2017

A fleet of ambulances in the Minsk region until the end of the year will replenish 34 special vehicles

The fleet of ambulance service in the Minsk region will be replenished with 34 special vehicles by the end of 2017, BelTA learned from the Minsk Oblast Health Department.

The new cars will be sent to a number of central district hospitals. Thus, in the metropolitan region, work is continuing to update the car park ambulance service. For example, in 2016, at the expense of the regional budget for several CRH, 46 units of new special vehicles were purchased and transferred. In addition, modern medical equipment and equipment for outreach teams are being purchased, and training seminars, trainings, etc. are regularly held for medical personnel.

To further improve the work of the emergency medical service in the Minsk region, there are a number of promising projects. One of these is the centralization of the service and the establishment of the regional center of the NSR. "The implementation of this project will improve the quality and efficiency of providing emergency medical care to the population of the region, will be able to have a favorable economic effect and increase the authority of the service itself," the main health department believes.

Centralization of the management of the SMP area will also help improve management practices, optimize the logistics of patient delivery, promptly organize interaction with law enforcement agencies and monitor the work of SMP teams in emergency situations, regardless of where they originate.

As noted in the main department, the radio communication system of the SMP service is being modernized as one of the most important components of the interaction process. It is planned that by mid-2018 in the Minsk region, a more reliable digital trunking communication will work, which will allow to quickly manage the work of teams and move away from the use of mobile communication.

More than 1,600 physicians and paramedics work in the Ministry of the Interior. 128 medical and paramedic brigades are on duty at the same time. The graduates of medical colleges and universities annually supplement the series of service workers.

In the healthcare system of the Minsk region in 2018, four specialized centers for medical care are also planned in the large cities of Borisov, Molodechno and Salihorsk. It is planned to open one more center on the basis of the regional clinical hospital. The centers will be equipped with high-tech equipment. Work in them will be leading experts of the industry. Patients of these centers will be able to get all the necessary help here. Only in case of emergency, they will be sent to health facilities of a different subordination.

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